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1,Open classrooms

Young children cannot adequately tell you about their days at nursery school, so we’ve designed the school in the same way as the Sasebo Nursery: visitors can see the entire room from the door and feel safe entrusting their children to us.

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5,Warm meals

Food is essential for sound development, and dieticians provide warm meals every day, usually Japanese-style dishes.

Six features of Sasebo nursery school

Children from many nations play together, experiencing new cultures and new languages. They gain an international perspective naturally, from daily school life.

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3,Small class size

We keep class sizes small to ensure that teachers can watch every child carefully and provide the attention and close care they deserve.

4,Affiliated school

Go to the main building in the same building, so children can easily experience group classes with others of the same age, or older children (3 and above). Many events throughout the year are held together, including athletic meets and seasonal festivities.

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6,Staff training

Staff participates in education and training throughout the year, in specialty fields including nursery education, diet, infant and child care, and English.

Applications and information

Please ask for the principal.

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